Arai Helmet Hobbits

People on the arai facebook page have started this arai hobbit thing, whereby you place your cherised arai on your boots with gloves sticking out emulating a hobbit.

I’ve suggested that people raise the bar with arai dog (or any other animal) hobbits, which has got to be worth a laugh!

I remember seeing pictures on here with peoples dogs wearing their helmets, but none with the dog wearing boots on its paws.

This is not meant to be cruel or anything like that, purely a bit of fun.

examples (not mine)

didn’t smiled have an avatar like that, i cant think of him not as a midget now :laugh:

ohh yea…the lil creep who nicked my bike!!!:cool:.


there is a thread on here with loads of LB hobbits… but cant find it :ermm:

haha remember this one going up, was very very funny!! :w00t::w00t: