Arai designs?

When do new designs come out? I take it new race reps are going to be along in couple of months once the race season begins again.

I think the new designs come out in the Spring time.

Im not 100% sure on this but I thought we (Hein Gericke) were getting our new designs at the end of Feb/ mid March ill check tomorrow and post an update.

New race reps from beginning of this season probably won’t be out until the end of this year.

As the Arai range is normally introduced at the end of each year as they were at the NEC.

That is interesting. I went to NEC but didn’t go to their stand. I’ve got ticket for Excel now so will go and mooch round and see what I can find out.

two of the new vipers are out already and also some of the new rx 7 are out . including , nakano, sete and a few others.

as fpor the rest they will come out sort of march time as someone has already said and some are later. there are still about 4-6 designs still wating to come out including the gaurdian from the chaser range, a plain colour in the viper and 2-3 differant racers are coming out including dean thomas. other then that i dont know

not alot of help hey hehe but hope that helps

i think we get ours begining of march(rex judds)we are cheaper than most

Hein Gericke get there new Arai designs in the first week or March

And all LB’er get discount if they come and see me or send me a PM

Great - will be down to see you then - but will be seeing you probably next week too

few new ones here. Saw the Edwards at Excel, nice if you have a yellow bike. I’m liking the new Haga.