Aprillia Dorsoduro Stolen Paul Street EC2

My black 750 DD was stolen today Reg LK08 OCM between 12.00pm and 16.50pm

It was disc locked, no sign of lock so probably chucked in a van
I have parked in the same bay for nearly 2 years and today they saw fit to nick mypride and joy.

Roaditalia exhaust (carbon)
Tail tidy
Rear hugger
and 48T gold rear sproket.

Long shot I know but if you see it PM me

Sorry to hear that mate, feckers!

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Hope you have some stroke of luck and find it (undamaged).

Any pic’s?

Hope you get it back

****!! really sorry to hear this.

off topic i know but my daughter has a job interview there today, 47 paul st.

sorry to hear about bike m8.

Really sorry to hear your news, gutted for you. :angry:

As an aside I met a councillor for Westminster at an event last week and was talking to him about bike thefts and lack of security (especially when we pay for the privelege of parking over here). He said they trialled the use of ground anchors, but that they weren’t getting used so they didn’t extend it after the pilot finished :angry:

Hope you get the bike back mate :frowning:

I remember having an angry email exchange on this subject with someone in westminster council whilst the trial was being carried out.

I was workig near Oxford Circus at the time and they’d just brought in charging for bike parking, around the same time a colleague had his Ninja lifted into a white van in broad daylight directly uder CCTV. I emailed Westminster asking why no security was provided and was told that there was a secure bay being trialled near new scotland yard (about 2 miles away - very convenient) but was not likely to be rolled out as few people used chains.

I pointed out that a motorbike chain is big, heavy and difficult to carry - most people won’t bother if there’s only 1 bay within 2 miles where it can be used and that’s likely to be full when you arrive.

Where I work now, southwark council are quite good about providing rails to chain to and as a result over half of the bikes in my nearest bay are chained up every day. Instead of doing a trial, why don’t westminster councillors just jump on the tube and walk around the bays in a borough that actually puts a bit of effort in. If there’s a decent chance of finding a secure bay then people will be a lot more willing to carry a lump of chain with them.