Aprilia rs 125 or cagiva mito

i no i still have to wait till july but i wana see what people’s veiws are,

soooo aprilia rs 125


Cagiva mito

il start a tally!!

Aprilia = 2

Cagiva =3

I’m thinking the Aprilia is the better looking machine.

Are you buying new or second?

i would say …second hand but newish kinda, i dnt want to buy a really old machine,

Mito Obviously


CBR 125 is supposed to be a really good bike too.

yea but a cbr is seriously thin!! i had ago on sincere’s and yes its a very nice bike very responsive but its to thin? ?

Shhh! How dare you mention that name in the same topic as a Mito and RS

EDIT(thought i’d add a bit more)
Depends what your after really. Both offer the same perfomance, although a stock unrestricted Mito is a tad faster, acceleration-wise, than a stock unrestricted RS.

RS has got a better dealer backing, but shouldn’t be a problem with the Mito, MME in London will carry out all services etc. with genuine Cagiva parts and not for too much dosh either.

Both pretty much the same across the board, all down to what YOU want… cough MITO cough

PLUS the Priller’s shape has been cloned for the Derbi GPR, the Gilera sport 125 thingy (can’t remember proper name), and some other cheapo bikes, making it less unique.


LOL I only ride Italian too

mito deff… looks so sexy

Just a thought… have you thought about doing your DAS (cheaper in winter) and get a winter hack like an ER5?

DAS ???

haha yea so far i have only ridden italian

Direct access… so you can ride big Italians

DAS= Direct Access Scheme. Only available if your over 21…and IMO a bit silly, in theory you can go out and buy whatever you like without any previous experience.

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve just turned 18 and in the process of booking my theory and my restricted access, and on the lookout for a pointy SV/R6/GSXR6. I’m bikeless at the minute tho lol.

I reckon any 125 you buy would be a good investment. Some people end up falling in love with 125’s and never take their test, simply keep renewing CBT. Read my sig to discover all the good points of 125’s and of course strokers

okay, i have found this, does this mean i need to be 18 or so on or like a day older than 17 or what? ?

What is an A2 Licence?
This is the standard motorcycle licence and the test is taken on a 125cc machine (capable of at least 62.5 mph).

Passing the A2 practical test means that the rider wil have a full motorcycle licence, can take the L plates off, carry passengers and ride on motorways. The rider will however be restricted for 2 years to a machine of not more than 33bhp. This is about the power of an unrestricted 250cc machine. Larger capacity machines can be used, but their power must be restricted to less than 33bhp.

After 2 years, the restriction is removed and the rider can use any machine!

How do I get an A2 licence?
Minimum requirements are;

Over 17 years old.
A valid UK driving licence with Catagory A (motorcycle entitlement).
A current CBT certificate (DL196).
A Written Theory test pass certificate.

We can provide the CBT training and we have the Written Theory test on our school computers for students to practice. We can also arrange test dates for the Theory and Practical tests. The amount of training required to pass the Practical test varies from person to person, so we offer a range of courses - from a 1 day refresher, through to a 4 day intensive training course.

Bookings for the following courses are subject to a free assessment. This will enable us to offer the most appropriate training for the individual’s needs.

1 Day Refresher - £125 all inclusive.
This course is designed for experienced riders who may have already taken their Practical test elsewhere and failed for whatever reason, or wish to convert from one type of bike to another - for example, when changing from an automatic scooter to a geared 125cc bike.

2 Day Course - £250 + Practical Test fee (£58).
This course is suitable for riders with experience of riding geared bikes under their CBT entitlement and wish to take a Practical test.

Day 1 - Roadcraft, Theory, Bike Familiarisation, Off road practice, On road training.
Day 2 - Recap day 1, On road practice, Present candidate for Practical test.

A2 Fixed Price package - £400 ( includes Practical Test fee ).
One price for a complete training package!
This is an all inclusive course that is suitable for new riders who have recently gained their CBT and wish to take a Practical test. It is designed to carry on from the CBT course by developing the rider’s confidence in a variety of traffic conditions while building up their roadcraft skills. This course provides as much training as is required, with free use of the school bikes for practice on site and accompanied road rides.

also can anyone else give me a list of bikes that have around 500cc and have not to much over 33bhp or like 50bhp?

0.001 seconds older than 17…

Thats the same test im guna do. So long as your 17 or over, you can book the course. You can book so the Course involves CBT if you haven’t already done it, and the theory test if you haven’t already done it.

LOADS of bikes. Off the top of my head…
Bandit 600/400
R6 (Not sure, but there might be an R4, must be extremely rare)
Majority of SM’s around 500cc

Any bike can be restricted in theory…just get an insurance quote before you buy.

yes!!! brilliant!, but i would have to have a drcing licencse.