Applying for ULEZ exemption

Just wondering wether anyone who has contacted TFL in order to get their bike exempt from the ulez charge can confirm if they Had to send a copy of the V5 and the certificate of conformity for the vehicle?

My V5 has on it the Nox emissions that are below the euro 3 limit so im hoping that i can just send a copy of the v5 according to this article

However TFL site says they want a copy of both documents
would be good to know if anyone has done it using the V5 alone

Thought i might be able to save the £95 charge suzuki want for the certificate of conformity

Yes done it, but it was our old CBF500 which had no NOx figured on the V5, so we had to get the CoC from Honda (who don’t charge). So, not quite the same. In theory you should get exemption based on V5 alone though, that should be proof enough.

I just sent a copy of my v5, and that was enough