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Apple iPhone risk from powerful motorbike vibrations

Apple sell third-party handlebar mounts, I doubt being seen as encouraging attaching their phones to handlebars is a problem for them!

And if it were, they would have just made a different ad. There was nothing about the one they made which would not have worked just as well with a bicycle.

Correlation is not causation and all that.

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Well, I’ve bought the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, so we’ll have to see if my existing vibraiton-damped Quad Lock does the job :crossed_fingers:

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It’s fine. Just get apply care. My old iPhone has been in for repair no questions asked. It was definitely mounting it on my bike that damaged it.


Think @kylejm did that as well :slight_smile:

Yeh they replaced mine using the 1 year warranty.

That said, I wouldn’t be too comfortable banking on that. Especially now they’ve announced that this issue can occur. But if you got Apple Care +, even if it’s identified that it’s down to your fault, you would just need to pay the excess (~£100) rather than for a replacement unit (which is just over half the price of a brand new one).

Luckily for me, my iPhone is provided by my company and they’d pay for it if Apple charged.

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Flagship phones have OIS (optical image stabiliser), so yes there initially lots of problems. Quad Lock solved the issue with their vibration dampener. I have an S20 Ultra and my camera got f*cked, replaced under warranty. Then I installed the vibration dampener and no problems! :slightly_smiling_face: