Anything happening today?

I’m wide awake and contemplating what to do, probably after breakfast and showered I’ll watch Race 1 of WSBK but wondered what peeps are up to after that, fancy getting the bike out?

What’s the 59 club at the Ace all about, is it worth popping over?

Anyone likely to be at Blackheath at some point?

very nice today

for sure I will go out with my GSX.

Anyone fancy a ride out?


i’m gonna head up to high beech,through the back roads…

anyone else round that way?

im going out for a ride essex way for pub lunch, just waiting for blade [ julie] to ring me

just went to burham bradwell .was a good day hope we have more of them :wink:

it was a nice day

I drove for 100 miles (now I have 530 miles on the clock, soon the first service) between Clapham and Harenfield.


Boxhill - Bury Hill and back again today. Lovely day it was. Should have taken a camera and got some pics.

hmmm worked all day, to make it worse had a few bikers turn up 2day to rub it in although i did go out for a quick blast on my break :smiley: