Anyone ???

Anyone doing BMM tonight ??

Not sure whether to come out tonight or not ??

i was thinking the same thing… not alot of interest is there for tonight.

Am on lates this week, won’t be down :frowning: Sure George will pop by though

were going ( me , zeph11 n rockerchic) i think

I’m planning on going, unless something goes wrong at work and keeps me here for the evening… might even come on the bike for a change!

anyone know any decent riding areas not too far from borough market? could get a group ride from there?

Washing me hair:D

sorry, couldnt make it tonight, hope its a good turn out

Nice to see everybody again, haven’t been to BM since last year, good turnout.

Well that must have killed 30 seconds of your evening!

I had top go to my Spanish class tonight as I’d actually done my homework for a change, plus I still can’t ride my bike, did I tell you about my elbow…oh never mind…I’m starting to sound like JohnP! :wink:

I went to see an awesome band called Dragnerve :smiley:

Didn’t I tell you i’ve had exrensions in Tim?

Poor you:hehe:

Tell us again how you did your elbow? Covered in Lycra and sequins were we?;):P:D

well, i was at borough market, but im A- crap with names, and B- didnt get to chat to lot of people

so h ello if i didnt see ya already :slight_smile: