Anyone work in printing or able to enlarge something??

n no im not on about downstairs!!


litho graphic/pre-press mac operator and scanner operator:D, what do want done dude?:wink:

im designing a board to put up at work to help raise money for my parachute jump and want the london air ambulance logo blown up

that’s a bit harsh init? :smiley:

i can do up to an A0 print aswell if you need it

ok, either you can supply a high res image of it, or give me a hard copy of it, has to felxible or it wont fit round teh scanner drum, so something on paper or thin card is ideal, i can use a flatbed scanner to scan from books etc, or if i could cut teh page out ist on that would help too, i shoud be at bmm this week. only prob is im not sure how big i can get a proof of it, dont work in proofing see;) but if not i can make teh image look good, ie colour,and nice and clear, bright and punchy! and i can blow it up nicely with distorting or bitmapping.

tis up to you!:smiley:

i’ll print off what i got and bring it to bmm