Anyone want to share a garage?

Hi all, I’m looking at renting a garage in south London and wanting to find someone to share it with. Looking to share the cost, max price in total £150-200. Anyone interested?

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I didn’t think insurance company’s accepted motorcycles being stored in shared garages. I coul dbe wrong, I’ve been wrong before.

Hi @fbsoval, welcome to LB. Good luck with the garage hunt.

The phrase used is “Does the policy-holder, or his/her immediate family, have the exclusive use of the garage?”.

Once it is understood to be shared, even if you have solid concrete walls, Fort Knox doors and an armed 24h security guard, they judge the risk to be the same as leaving the bike on the street. Mad, but that is what one broker told me.

Don’t forget insurance normally ask something like
Is the vehicle garaged at your home address or
Is the vehicle kept overnight at an address different to your home address.

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Still better than actually leaving your bike parked on the street.


Indeed. I find it incredible that underwriters will argue that point when in my case I’ve successfully used my building’s shared garage for decades without any incidents. I know the bike wouldn’t survive overnight on the street. The two aren’t comparable at all but that is what brokers have told me.

Their risk aversion comes from shared car parks in larger blocks of flats. Modern housing codes mean recent large blocks include a given percentage of social housing. Experience in these new blocks has not been good as all residents have access to car park and there has been a history of certain residents letting others in. Once inside the young aspiring footballers have a clean undisturbed environment with good lighting to work their magic in.

Unfortunately this has led to the insurance industry frowning upon all shared garages in knee-jerk reaction.

in 2017 I had my garage blocks refurbished in Ealing, had to park the R6 at my friend’s garage in UB6 for 3 months, informed insurance - made no change to the premium. FYI.

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