anyone want a computer table?

got 2 computer tables you can have in exchange for a coffee at BMM, but you need to collect the tables. If your interested then pm me, ones a fairly big corner unit and oens just a small desk.

im not far from boxhill.

cheers :slight_smile:

If this works I might even try it myself ‘Wife and Kids, Free to Good Home, Must Collect’. F**k it, I’ll even buy the coffes myself.


Any one want Il Bandito?

Comes complete with a shed load of sh*t. Reasonably house trained. Has own motorcycle and drinks almost any beer if it’s in the fridge and free. (To him, that is.)

Expensively educated. (What was I thinking of?) Brunel degree in womanising and alcohol abuse.

Outgoing personality and beer gut.

Free to any home, good or bad.

This months special offer, I’ll throw in the sibling.

lol it was worth a go, there good desks :smiley:

They’re not bad kids either. It’s just that there are days I’d happily take a coffee table in exchange.

Good luck with the exchange. Perhaps we should start an “ebay for free” corner.

I’ve thrown out some pretty good stuff over the last few years as I didn’t know anybody that needed it.