anyone using

its only the test version but looks pretty good so far.

I`ll wait for it to be tested properly before downloading it.

FF3 for me… :smiley:
havent use IE for yrs :wink:

On contract testing/developing a new product for MSN/Microsoft at the moment.

Google Chrome has been added to the browser matrix but funnily enough we haven’t added IE8 yet

Is this thread available in standard English?

It’s not? Good.

What are you guys talking about???

most Microsoft beta’s are okay for most users…its just some of the nerds out there who test it to destruction that find the bugs…doing things most of us will never do and set ups that are far out from the norm…

I will get it once they send it to me I am on their beta list for some reason…

Havn’t used Internet Explorer for years

Firefox for me it’s miles better and faster


Pole Barge Long Bridges Burn Foxy Fires.

FireFox all the way, however it appears that I will be forced to use IE at work, not likely the experience much so far. :frowning: