Anyone used this company

They claim to be the Internet’s first on-line petrol retailer and have unleaded 95 at 60p / litre.

seems to good to be true

Think the phrase - “This is a spoof” on the “About page” might give us a clue :wink:

Would have been good…

From their website:Order from Petrol DirectOrdering from us is safe and easy! Just enter the desired quantity of the fuel you need, and we’ll package it up and send it to you in the post, first class, delivered straight through your letterbox. No hassle. No worries.

NO Thanks!!

I feel stupid now,was funny though

Still, perhaps theres a business idea in it!


That was a missed opportunity to make some cash.

Site doesn’t appear to have any ads on it…Imagine all the missed page hits from gullible fools…ahem :blush: :hehe:

MacP was taken in by this one last year!

hehe, i like the bit where it says ‘to any americans, this is a spoof’ :smiley: