Anyone used Jap&German in Druid Street?

Do they fall into the praise or shame category?

Thanks muchly.

not used em but that was only cos they didnt seem to want my business so not bothered with them since.

Have booked in to get valve clearances done, brake pads, few other bits, but just thought - is there anyone on here that services Beemers in centralish London - would rather give the work to a ‘mate’.

Paul (ex-Bracken) just of the old Kent Road specialises in GS-s as well as KTMs. He used to be the GS man to go to apparently before he started the KTM venture. Nice guy as well.

Excellent - thanks Driesie - have tried to google based on the info you provided, but can’t locate him - do you have contact details? Thanks Ally

brackens/ktm shut down a while back at st james rd/old kent road.

have done before and will never again
if you can find some were else then do

not far from central
kinglake motorcycles westbourne park
they like beemers and are great guys

Sorry, should have posted some more info.
Paul is now trading under “Bermondsey Motorcycle Workshop” or something like that. The old Bracken number still works I think: