Anyone used Gear Change Online (Bike Clothing Shop)

Has Anyone used them??

As some of you may have seen i’m in the market for a new Lid, I’ve seen the Lid i want but no one in the UK stocks it, I sent an email to loads of Arai Stockists including Arai UK, Arai UK got back to me and they even said it is not a UK colour Scheme so they cannot supply it.

I then get an email back from Gear Change Online stating they have a few on order and would be able to supply it for me at a cost of £550 (not a bad price for a 2015 Arai RX7-GP)

What i want to know is has anyone used them before? are the Kosher? I’m worried that if it isn’t a UK available Colour scheme would it be an Imported Lid therefore not open to Warranty or Repair claims here in the UK.

This is the Company-

they’re listed on the arai website as one of their DNA dealers, which presumably means that Arai think they’re kosher at the very least.

Yes that’s where I got there email details from, I’m just concerned that Arai UK can’t get me it but one of their stockists can.

If your concern is about Arai honouring the warranty, you’re probably best off contacting Arai. The shop’s generally genuine, given that Arai endorse it, so your question’s specifically about this purchase of that particular helmet, and whether Arai will support it. I’d trust Arai’s word on that over that of some randomer on the Internet…

I’ve asked arai and they replied saying you can’t buy it in the UK, so any warranty or repair work would have to go to the importers, im not sure how to take that answer.would the shop i bought it from be the importers or would I need to goto who they got it from??

Sorry, should’ve been clearer. My question was regarding gear change online and if anyone had dealings with them, have you had to get warranty work and was the lid classed as imported? If so did it have a gold ACU sticker or was it the Euro equivalent??

whats the helmet outta interest :slight_smile:

It’s the Tito Rabat RX7-GP.
I like it for the colours rather than the rider (although rabat is a good racer)

then why not just buy an arai RX7 - GP in plain white and have a custom paint job done :wink:

Works out bloody expensive then. The lid itself is £500 without the painting.

true but i thought you’d like a custom job to match your nice fleece :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Lol, I’m not going that matching!!

Buy a white one then use the spray tan on it :smiley: