Anyone used Bike Devil insurance?

Anyone used these guys?

I’ve run insurance quotes on the new pony and these guys are coming up cheapest and by a long way, we’re talking 50%. Is this to good to be true?

Seems to be Liverpool Victoria are the underwriters.

Yes they are brokers. From what I can find they do cars under Right Choice Insurance Brokers. Maybe they’ve ventures into bikes now but that may bring you a few more reviews to base it on.

Apparently used to be called bike animal and they run racing in British superbike…

Apparently they also trade as Autoaid breakdown?

Just note that if you need to make a change it’s 15%+£35

Hey mate, the thing is, it is so cheap in comparison that I could still make 4 changes at that rate and still save money!

Check what the excess fee is. I know MCE are extortionate with theirs.

It’s £100 more than everyone else, but if i’m saving £250(ish) on the policy it is worth it.