Anyone up for a 2015 Long Weekend Welsh tour?

I’d doubt if I’d have the Bonne’ back in time :ermm:

edit: Should have gone to Specsavers, just noticed this is for 2015

I practically live with one so I’d like some respite from all that!! :laugh:


Art (26/08/2014)

You may have a GSXR 750 by then :smiley:

Sounds really good! Would a CBF 500 keep up with your monsters? Though by that time I might have upgraded :smiley:

Yes, this won’t be a race, nice steady pace is much more enjoyable on these roads than an out and out Hoon!!

I am up for it get the data and I will book days off

hi guys…

I could be up for this …

hopefully I would’ve met some of you by then and got more into the ride outs …

dunno what bike i’ll have by then but whatever I have will be up to it …

i’ll keep an eye on the thread …AL…

Hmmm long weekend in Wales …yep it was 26years long then I escaped …who knows I may attend !

Count me in. Just need to investigate how to transport luggage on the gixxer.

As it’s B&B/Hostels and only a couple of days you could get away with a large rucksack, that’s all I’ll be taking :slight_smile:

Sounds perfect! No baggage is how I like to roll :slight_smile:

I’m up for it :slight_smile:

Right, this is now to the point where we have enough people saying they want to do it to make it worth my while organising.

I will get a date that best suits everyone and then go about finding B&B’s or Hostels at the 2 Stop over Points.

What I need from all those that are up for it is an idea on whether or not you would fancy a Dorm style Hostel with Bunk Beds and about 5-10 of us in one room (Boys & Girls separate) or you would prefer me to Find a B&B with 2 per room? if we do the Dorm Style accommodation we will all get in the one place. If we do it B&B we may all end up in different properties, but that’s not a problem as we can meet in a local pub for the evening as we are only putting our heads down in the overnight Accommodation and not really spending any time there.

Also once it’s decided and I find the accommodation I may need to pay a deposit (shouldn’t be too much considering it’s not going to be more than £20 per night anyway) so may need to ask you all for a little contribution towards the Deposit to confirm your Place (so that if I pay it and you don’t turn up I don’t loose out)

I’d personally would prefer B&B :slight_smile: I’d be happy to pay a deposit if you want to start looking and booking.

I’m up for it, though I wouldn’t be able to do the 3rd-6th July. The beeb doesn’t like me taking the first week of the month off :frowning:

Doing Steve’s Tuscany tour in June, not sure I’ll have any hols left, but may pop up to meet you lot for the sat/sun bit if that’s cool?? Bro also doing a Normandy trip around then, so it may clash…

no problem if you (or anyone else for that matter) doesn’t fancy the full 3 or 4 days and just fancies the big one on the Saturday.

Can everybody do Friday May 29th to Monday 1st June?

This way it is before the School Holidays so the Roads will be quitter (spelling?), it will be (hopefully) decent weather and it will be easier to get time off work as the School Holiday Embargo won’t be in effect.

I will look into prices for this date for B&B’s to get an idea.

we may have to consider Hostels. All the B&B’s in the areas we are going are pretty full and I doubt we will get all of us in.

I’ve found a Hostel for our first stopover in Tenby that we can have 2 x Dorms with 3 Bunks in each so sleeps 6 in each room (a Boys room & a Girls room) and it works out to £27 per person for the Friday night.

Then the 2nd Night stopover in Caernarfon will be the same with regards to the B&B’s, there are a few dotted around but most are already booked up, so the Hostel in that spot is £29 for the night. it is at the summit of Snowdon so is in the perfect spot for our 2nd days riding.

Then if we decide to stop off at Monmouth on the 3rd night or just do a full days riding back home there is a Hotel available in a Weatherspoons Pub which would take us all and woks out to about £30 per person


If we decide to go on this date we can get Accomodation for the whole weekend for around £100 (which I think is really good)