Anyone up for a 2015 Long Weekend Welsh tour?

Following on from this Weekends TOWIE Tour (wich was “Borrowed” from RiDE Magazine) I was looking at their “Best Roads in the UK” Section and they have a really nice 3 day Tour of Wales taking in Snowdonia and other amazing roads.

Day 1 would see us meet up at a central Location and set off for Tenby (about 350-400 Miles) which will include 215 miles of Forest roads, mountain roads and Alpine style up and down passes from Monmouth into Tenby where we will either set up camp or all book into a B&B (Whichever everyone would prefer, but i’m up for some “Glamping”) a nice pub dinner and a few beers ready for 2 days of Awesome roads

Day 2 is a Nice 300 Mile jaunt from Tenby to Caernorth with some truly stunning twisty roads and fast straights. again with an overnight stay with a nice dinner and early night to prepare for the final stint and best part of the Ride.

Day 3 will see 215 Miles from Caernorth back into Monmouth taking in Mount Snowdon and some stunning bends and mountain roads with a stop at Snowdon for some cracking Photos of the Bikes. We can either settle down for the night again in Monmouth and head home in the Morning or if your hardcore enough to head home after all of that it’s up to you.

Here are some pictures from the Magazine to Whet Your Whistle of some of the roads

Pretty sure Mark/Ang could give you a better three day route to use for this trip if you ask nicely, might be up for it though dependant on the date.

It’s pretty difficult to get Wales wrong, in any case (unless you to to Port Talbot).

I’ll probably be up for this.

Cool, i’m just up for a nice long weekend UK tour so if someone has a better route than this one then i’m all for letting them share it :slight_smile:

The dates will have to be one weekend before the School Holidays start as 1. The Traffic will be clearer & 2. I will be busy with the Kids and not really have time for a weekend away.

The reason I want to do a UK one is if we B&B it then it can be done with just a Rucksack of clothes so you don’t over weigh the bike with luggage and spoil the ride, I done this on the Pyranees, had too much luggage (Tank Bag, Ruck Sack, Panniers & saddle bag!!) and the bike wasn’t as easy to ride.

I’d love to do a LB Euro Tour but at the Moment a UK one will do.

Yes please. I’m up for it.

Post up some dates and I can give you an answer… Be rude not to.

Hi guys,

Monmouth is my hometown and I’ve led a few rides to/from that neck of the woods. As BigRedS says, its hard to get Wales wrong :slight_smile:

For accommodation in Monmouth if needed, a friend runs the Mayhill Hotel which has some good parking for bikes not too far from town. . If that’s booked out already, there’s the Riverside or Wetherspoons hotels (yes, some Wetherspoons do hotel rooms :).

The roads in Ride look good, though there are so many lovely smaller roads and places to visit which often get missed in guides, like the dams and mountain passes. To see them all could take quite a few days, or weeks even.

I’ll come along and say “hi” at least if I can :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

This looks good :slight_smile: depending on date etc I’d be up for this and yes…I would prefer glamping! I can’t rough it to save my life :Wow:

Is glamping essentially paying someone else to put up your tent?

Glamping it is then.

B&B shouldn’t be too expensive, probably £20 a night if we go out of School Holiday times.

The dates, I would say go on a Friday get there for Dinner Time that gives us a Full day Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the roads, then travel Home on the Monday.

These are the Possible Dates to consider.

Friday May 29th to Monday 1st June (My Birthday Weekend)

Friday 19th June to Monday 22nd

Friday 3rd July to Monday 6th

Friday 10th July to Monday 13th

Friday 17th July to Monday 20th

Friday 24th July to Monday 27th

They are the dates i’m available before the School Holidays, so we can work with those dates and go with the one that suites the most people.

This looks very good, but what about the weather? Nice weather for 3 or 4 days in a row? Doesn’t sound too… realistic. :slight_smile:

have faith!! :smiley:

Defo up for this. Wanted to do a wales trip for a while now :smiley: Providing work does not get in the way im in.


If you don’t mind properly Glamping it up for a couple of nights and we do the route Ride suggests and we go on the weekend of the 3rd of July to the 6th we can get a 10 bed Dormitory (Bunk beds) in Tenby on the first night for £13.90 per person then the same type of room for £17.50 per person in Caernorfon on the Saturday Night and then a B&B Twin room on the last night in Monmouth for £35 per person (if you want to stay the extra night)

That way the total cost of Accommodation will be roughly £70, add onto that around £150 for Fuel (depending on Bike and riding style) then however much you want to take for food/drink over the weekend it doesn’t work out that expensive £300 to £350 maximum for an awesome weekend of riding.

Sounds good, but do we get separate dorms for the boys and girls? :hehe:

Yes that is available if you would prefer.

Sounds good! date dependant & stuff! But if we agree a date I can book holiday now!

Count me in.

Don’t fancy bunking with a snoring, smelly Farting bloke?