Anyone ride to uni?

I’ve just started riding and uni too so was wondering if anyone on here rides to middlesex uni?
I usually see quite a few bikes there. Thanks!

Hi and welcome aboard.

How about telling who you are, where you are and what you ride.

oops sorry! i did in a previous post i think but anyway my name is Azhar i’ve just started uni at Middlesex (Hendon). I live in Golders Green and ride a CBR125 and am looking to do my test hopefully at the beginning of next year before the test changes.

That`s better.:smiley:

'kin ell mein furher is on the case today :smiley:

welcome matey dont mind john…we dont :slight_smile:

I think its important to introduce yourself - so thanks rac3r :wink:

Im Gabs - ride an SV - you want a cuppa? :slight_smile: what you studying?

me and i ride the 2008 black hornet… the red beauville belongs to dave at uni, dont take the first space in the bike stand, its his… dont take the last one at the top of the bike stand thats mine… lol… other than that there are lots of new bikers this year, but dont worry… they’ll soon disappear once the cold kicks in… is it a red 125 u ride? x:)

oh and welcome to LB… soz!

Its a black 06 CBR. I think i’ve seen the Hornet before maybe i’ll see the owner soon ; ) lol. Thanks for the replies everyone!

Oh i didn’t see the post with the SV :blush:, i’m studying business and marketing. Nice SV i saw it today is it the silver one?

cant miss me… im the only female biker in the uni who wears her biking gear cos no bloody lockers… always knockin my helmet about and carrying a big rucksack… look like im moving house lol… im in tomorrow from 9am til 1.30pm… if ur around we cud have coffee in costa… think i saw the cbr on monday afternoon or mayb last wk friday! :slight_smile:

welcome to lb :wink:

hello and welcome

i ride to uni on my CBR125R as well, but my uni is in cenral london! defo get ur test done after some experience, i did mine on the CBR, it feels way better without L-plates! ride safe

im in on monday afternoon because i have a lecture at 3. Its quite funny today i didn’t bring my bike and on my way out from uni i saw an orange CBR parked in exactly the same place :w00t:

y didnt u take the bike in? get in some extra practice… :slight_smile:

im in on Monday from 4pm… if u wana have coffee then just let us know… dependin on what module lecture u got and where, ill run around and meet u before my 5pm lecture, x

mine starts at 3 or 330 in cg77 so i’ll be there about 245 ish. Up to you i don’t mind.

oh im in cg76 at 5 … i only finish work at 3.30 and takes me half hr to get there… what time does ur lecture finish?

it finishes at 5 so i might bump into you on the way out :hehe:

right ill b the one with her hands so full that cant hold the cup of coffee thats waiting for you… see u monday! :stuck_out_tongue: