anyone regulalry use their road bike for trackdays...

my tyres were absolutely shagged after brands the other week. which wasn’t a problem as they had 12k miles on them and needed to be changed anyway. now i’ve got a nice new pair on and am wanting to do a few more trackdays but don’t wanna have to change my tyres too often (trying to keep costs down). is it a bad idea to run tyres that have seen the track, on the road, rain or shine/fast or slow?

spose an alternative is get another set of wheels and get some sporty rubber put on em, then switch for whichever purpose…?

I run Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs on my R1 for road and track and they do a great job…Getting around 5000 from a rear and 6 from a front.

After a track day, sometimes I get bobbling of rubber on the edges of the tyre which I tend to pick off, but that’s about it.

ah ok. nice one. yeah i had the standard road version of those tyres (pilot road 2) but they were shredding right up by the afternoon. as you say i just picked that rubber off but spose i wondered if this shredding or bobbling makes them any less effective in the wet say…

The 'Triple shredded the bejesus out of my rear tyre last time at Brands, but I haven’t noticed any drop in grip in the wet or dry.

Well I kinda liked doing trackdays on my road tyres, cos it would ‘reprofile’ them a little. On the road you hardly ever use the edges of the tyre, so wearing that out on a track day is getting more life out of them I say. I used my road tyres on 4 track days last year and did not see any difference on the road, and they were road pilot 2’s :slight_smile:

I do about 5k from my 2CT’s. Last set done only 1 trackday on it. Got few more coming for the current tyres. Still planning to run 5k on them, like Elad said on the track you use edges more than the middle of the tyre.

nice one guys. concur on the sides of the tyre business. better to be safe than sorry though. and nothing’s better than first hand experience. trackday-a-go-go :slight_smile:

cheers fellas :wink:

i have some sets of racetec scrubs going…

cheers seb. gonna pass as i need to keep the whole thing as cheap as poss so it flys under the radar if you know what i mean :wink: might look into it tho 'specially if i get some spare rims :smiley:

my tyres seem fine on the road even after the trackday , but they get very unerving in the wet my other gixers all had mct2s so when i wear these out thats whats going on them, spare rims cost a fortune! i just bought some cause i wanted to put wets on them next time i do a wet track day only thing is now i will have to bring my bike up on a tailer so i can bring the spare wheels with wets on, and tools to change them, to be honest i think i should of just bought mct2’s and stuck them on as i had a set on the last gixer and where fantasic in the wet and dry!! DOH!

if your suspension/pressures are set right you shouldn’t have much in the way of bobbling/debris on the tyres after a tdget around 5k and 3 trackdays on my 2cts on my road bike (do use warmers which saves the rubber a bit tho)

Blimey i only get about 2500-3000 from a rear and thats on the road only…running Michelin Pilot Race which are dual compound. Not been able to get more than that from any rear i have used on all my sports bikes. I used to be able to get a set of “scrubs” from a racer mate when he was racing. Then they were Rennsports but for £75 a pair and he had only used them for either qualifying or a race and they lasted and worked well on the road.

Gotta agree with this - I’ve had my suspension setup properly and my 2CT’s have very little bobbling after 2 track days, they used to ripple before the setup.

Mine used to tear and the rubber was being smeared off the side of the tyre but I think this was mostly down to the tyre not being hot enough, Feb and March trackdays. Last time out I used tyre warmers and the tyre was hot to touch before each session. The wear was very even and regular, no tearing or bobbles.

nice one fellas. sounds like the pressures and suspension then. was a nice warm day and i was on standard 36/42. suspension adjustment is limited on the hornet. the front’s unadjustable so needs different springs and oil. and the rear shock is pretty pants. had it on a nice firm setting though.

maybe i’ll get the front end sorted out and try putting the rear on the hardest setting at the next one and see how that goes. or would just lowering my pressures a bit help?

track pressures are around 30 Front 29 rear fella for a nice warm day

broadly speaking the extra heat of track riding will put a good 6 psi into the tyres. without warmers it takes a good 3 laps for the tyres to have good heat (including the rim) - warm days can reduce this but bear in mind most tracks are right handers so the left side wont get as much heat in them as soon so good idea to stick to 3 always. when you first head out onto track they’ll feel a bit soggy until the heat pumps them up

as for road pressures, 36/42 is in the handbooks but you’ll notice that is for every possible weight (3ft midget up to 2 fatblokes spooning), not to mention all temperatures.

some fair ol thread arguments on here (and every forum for that matter) about what you should run. personally go for 34/36-38 for road riding

maybe leave your rear shock as it is until you’ve tried proper track pressures. worth getting it set right with the help of someone that knows what they’re doing like B on here - getting the right sag etc set will help the bike work with you for grip and and will save the tyres.

nice one cheers for that fella :slight_smile: yeah never played with my pressures much as i’ve always found em alright on the road. i’ll have look tho. spose you don’t know if somethings better til you try it eh?? then def get em down for the next trackday. good to hear that should sort the immediate problem out and it ain’t gonna cost more money. nice one :smiley:

no probs. always worth asking the tyre fitters/instructors on the trackday for advice on pressures too