Anyone recommend a suspension whizz?

Want to get the suspension sorted on my bike as the ride a bit rough at the moment, it bounces along nicely on normal roads, but it if hits roads that are a bit rough or has speed bumps it’s as rough as a badgers arse.

The nearest one I found was down in Kent, as I’m north of London prefer someone a little nearer…and I refuse to go to my local Honda dealer cos they are patronising ****. :smiley:

So, anyone know any North of the river at all?

You wanna have a chat with our very own B on LB

Search for BN Race Science

He comes very highly recomended and he don’t make a bad brew either;)

Thats a little nearer. I shall give him a bell…especaiily if there is a decent brew available as well!! :smiley:

Cheers Chunks:)

Don’t worry Chris, we’ll have your Blade gliding over the bumps and the tyres firmly planted on the tarmac;):cool:

Good stuff. Put in the request for the day off, so we are good to go.:slight_smile:

Grand! :slight_smile: I’ve put you in the diary, just let me know nearer the date what time is good for you.