Anyone planning a ride out for Sunday - Jets?

Head east - and I might just be able to join you.



I’ll second the heading east , north east rather south east :wink:

Blimey Nick, you will have covered more miles than me this year!

The boy. Hopefully we can make arrangements for The Only Way is Essex.

East :w00t: East :w00t: East :w00t: East :w00t: East :w00t: East :w00t:


Forgot I am staying in Kingston Sun - so actually can ride anywhere tbh. :smiley: But head to Essex and we could annoy my folks by having a half a dozen bikes turn up for a cup of coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

Already have mate :smiley:

Arrgg don’t rub it in, I’m as rusty as old nails at the mo!

So long as you and your gay mate are all ok for the Alps mate :slight_smile: Westy will be well jealous!

I am, but it will be in north west Scotland, where we are heading on Friday. Welcome to pop up for a spin across the moors. On another note - you’re finally back in Blighty! Nice one :smiley:

Any chance of cake? That might swing it:Whistling: Have we a weather forecast for the weekend yet? That’s what usually decides the direction :slight_smile:

No Hels - just a short visit. Off on Rob’s Alps trip the following weekend and then back to Lagos.

I’ve been grounded, seems I’ve used up my fuel allowance for June :w00t:

Just get an advance on Decembers allowance!:smiley:

Should we venture over to the Far Side to kidnap you Art?? :slight_smile:

that’s a very kind offer, however, I have to do the chauffeur thing, seems I’ve used up the petrol allowance but not the diesel :ermm:

Mrs Art has some tickets for a visit to some garden do and there is absolutely no question of going AWOL

So are we going to go to Essex? I could probably lead Art’s route again along with all the mistakes I made the last 2 times. I’d rather join someone else’s ride though.

No idea - maybe the Jets could drop me a text on Sat evening if they are planning a ride out? Can get to Box or Ace without too much hassle…

Not sure how reliable my inter web will be over the weekend.


Good plan Nick, we’ll text you when we’ve studied the weather forecast and put our plans on here :slight_smile:

Post the details up here too as I may be able to join you.