Anyone out this weekend?

As the title says, is anyone out this weekend?

I may pop out over the weekend, I dont make the time to ride either of my bikes any more, so I am going to sell them both very soon. Yes, even the Infamous Riot! :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

If you’re around box hill, planning to have my first ride if weather permits

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Not this weekend but @SneakyMcC we should organize a farewell BCR for the Riot. My intro to LB was the BCR and a few rides out with the old guard, know I’m not alone in wanting to make that happen.

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I was working over the weekend, some of us do!
However, I took a wee ride down Hampshire on Sunday there were loads of bikes out.
It was slightly chilly as I was dreaming of a warm day but hey, I still enjoyed and didn’t see many speed cameras
I was actually on my way to try on a new set of Dainese leathers tat a chap was selling on eBay.

Got there on time - nice chap - stood in his man cave and he offered a coffee.

He got the leathers down and took the cover off - they looked great. He talked and talked - then talked and talked - eventually he went off to get the coffee and I “slipped” into the lethers.


They fitted

Long enough in arms legs and body - very unusual!

I had been thinking riding down that I would offer him £375, but then when I was wearing them though - how the fuck am I gonna get them back home.

He came back with the coffee

Long story short, I offered £400 and he ummed and ah’ed and eventually deal was struck and he pays the postage

I have listed my set of Spidi Spidi Track Wind Replica EVO Leather the blue ones on eBay - hope I will get £300 for them
(eu 58 btw)


The ones you don’t see are the ones that catch you out. :rofl: