Anyone out on Sunday? (4th may)

Want to get out amongst it but don’t have Art’s extraordinary route knowledge just yet :wink:

Just wondering if there’s something I can tag along with :slight_smile:

Follow your front tyre :wink:

Waiting to find out what time I’m supposed to be helping a mate build a shed… If it’s afternoon as opposed to morning, fancy sparrows fart run up to Jacks Hill cafe for breakfast?

Sorted. Phoned The Boss (aka his wife) and arranged to go round in the afternoon.
Before I make any suggestions, what time is too early for you to be at The Ace?
Baring in mind the earlier the better in terms of avoiding the traffic…

I’m up for this. I agree on earlier is better. I can be at the Ace for 8am. Or if your route out is along the A40, you can pick me up at the Polish War Memorial.

I was thinking about that time. Bulk standard route up the A40/A413. The Polish war memorial rings a bell, can pick you up there if you like.

Join us on the BCR run

The Polish War memorial is the 4th exit off the A40 from Hanger Lane, just before RAF Northolt. The War Memorial itself is just off the 3rd exit of the roundabout above the A40 and has a little car park around it. I can be there any time (within reason!) so if we have any more joiners and you leave the Ace at 8 you’ll probably be here by 8:10-8:15. If it ends up being just two of us and you want to make it a bit earlier that’s fine too.

Sorry guys. Been away from the forum.

I’m up for the early run from the ace. Tim shall we meet at 8 at the ace and head up to the polish war memorial? Do you mind leading cause I suck at it :slight_smile:

Let’s leave the Ace at 8am. Head to the war memorial and then get a wriggle on.


Ok I’ll be the one who’s still waking with a bad attitude and poor balance :slight_smile: see you tomorrow.

Cool, I’ll be ready and waiting see you tomorrow. I’m on a red FZ1 by the way.

Great. See you bright and early tomorrow :slight_smile:

Good to meet you guys today. Was a great run, lovely day and nice breakfast. Thanks Tim for leading and getting us there and back. Cheers, enjoy the rest of the BH weekend.

Yeah nice one tim. That was a lot of fun. Look forward to the next one chaps :slight_smile:

Tried to post this yesterday but it failed… Anyway, the shed building was a success. Mate Lexis broke the plaque which was and still is pretty funny.

Result!! Look at that bad boy. So you’re the knowledge when it comes to shed building then?

Apparently so… Didn’t even have to re-build any part as we’re both the type of people who read instructions.

What kind of sicko are you… :wink:

The type of sicko who doesn’t f*ck things up… often.