Anyone out in'mornin?

I’m auf’out for the evening. I’ll keep the Rum intake low in case we be doing-the-do in the mornin?

This’ll keep Jizz happy:

I would… maybe later start as you out raving… :wink: 9am?

Well Sharon, we didn’t know you were a rummy, we might have to drop in for a snifter:D

Looks like we are leaving bit later, 8.30am from usual City Limits roundabout.


Would love to loan you my camera for a run on the BCR on a day like Tomorrow, supposed to be foggy in the morning. I could imagine it would be an interesting film to watch back after.

Not me unfortunately, bike has no front brake atm. Got fingers crossed for next week.

Would have done hun, if it was due to other prior commitments.

Have fun and hopefully see you next week :smiley:

I had to pop out about 6pm and the fog was building up by the rivers. I got back home and the fog is building in the parks etc. I bet its foggy out out!

Jizz, Rum is new to me so I’d welcome the education:cool:

Finally sorted out 2 wheels for a short trip - 3 days - leaving at 9am prompt from the bike hire shop in Cusco.

I had my GoPro on BCR few weeks ago and footage is not that interesting as you can not see anything :)Just checked outside and visibility is very poor today, hope it gets better till 8:30.

Very foggy here. Not sure a 9am start will help, plus I need to be back late mornin. May need to abort, I await Mission Control (Motodrb)?

Looks like Mission Control have instructed to be there at 8.45 and await further instructions…

Nope, too foggy for me!

Visibility reduced to near zero, making riding extremely dangerous… but why would super-retards listen to good advice of whether forecast :slight_smile:

Thanks for short but enjoyable ride Mr SneakyMcC!

Reminds me of the first forum rideout I ever went on - on the morning of the Hemel refinery fire in December '05 - known henceforth as the day of the comedy fog!

For the record the forum in question was Visordown (RIP) and it was moto Jim’s call. Starting at Highbeech. An impressive turnout as I recall. Apart from me and Jim there was Dave Bean, Ducati Pete, Mad Roy with Miss Mini Mofo riding pillion (on a 520, that’s not sommat you see every day!), Papercup, Pogi, Timmah, Slow Old Bloke, Johnny XTX, Murv, erm and that new zealand girl, can’t remember her name, used to ride a 750 gixxer, also had an XR650 wot got nicked then a WR426 - and I think we met up with Veggie Dave at the Chequers too. I’m sure I’ve left a few off the list? Roads were slippy as f*ck and visibility was dodgy to say the least, but I had a great time :slight_smile: