Anyone NOT going to BSB this weekend?

Hi there
as I’m not going to the Silverstone this weekend and haven’t seen anything else going on Sat/Sun I thought I might ask if there are any others left that would like to get on their bike and meet up somewhere more local… maybe a little ride out… Don’t fancy going all the way to Brighton or so.
Any takers?

I wont be working at BSB but I’ve been asked to do motocross instead… Bastids Another decent day of biking weather lost

Not going either, but thats cos I shall be stucky in some poxy office in Peterborough for the 2 days. May have to go and do some stunting in MCN’s car park while am up there though

I’m not going, and I shall be blasting through the lanes of Kent at some point on Sunday

im not going im house scrubbing!!BLA BLA BLA!!BORING!!

@Killer - Kent sounds good. Do you live somewhere there?
About the blasting… dunno… my 400cc doesn’t do ‘blasting’ along roads really.
But a ride out and a few coffee or tea stops would be great.

I’m working and won’t be able to come out and play !

I’m going to meet a mate who works at Tunbridge Wells
I am in East London, so will be a bit of trek to get there but no worries. PM me your mobile and I’ll arrange a little route to get there
Don’t worry about your cc, you’ll be fine.

I`m not going as i have my kids birthday party.

Shame… I suppose I’ll wait for the next weekends then.
Sorry for all you having to go to work…

@Killer - have a nice ride out. I’ll stay local and enjoy the sunshine in my garden :slight_smile:

i am not going but will be out and about on sunday live over near the ace so long way to go, maybe some other time

As I’m in South-East… I’ll be out at the Oakdene Cafe near Sevenoaks tomorrow morning/midday… if anyone is around in the area.

What time were you thinking Eric? I’m thinking of taking my bike for a play but don’t want to leave it too late as the roads start to fill up with Sunday drivers Will be up about 8am… gotta use it while the weather is with us