anyone live near Horsham??

I am heading off camping this weekend at a farm near Horsham

I have checked numerous route finders and each one gives me a different route

Any suggestions from Ludgate Circus to just outside Horsham?

A reasonably fast route with some twisty sections of A road -

Embankment - over Chelsea Bridge - turn right through Wandsworth onto A3 to Esher then take the road to Leatherhead and join the A24 until Horsham with a T & P break at Box.

What he said.

It’s my home town…folks and brother still live there. Lovely countryside and biking roads in Sussex

A24 is the magic secret route to Brighton too. Much better than the motorway and the dual carriageway. Highly recommended.

A24 endorsed. Go for it.

watch out for the usual suspects on the a24 can sometimes be very busy with bikers and this always sttracts the boys in blue…