Anyone live in/near basildon and able to do me a sleeping bag shaped favour?

I need to get a couple of sleeping bags from Go Outdoors, but they’re only available in Basildon (and a handful of other places bloody miles away. Anyone able to do a few trades? Meet on Monday for me to hand over go outdoors card, meet again by Thursday latest for you to give me back go outdoors card and the sleeping bags, and for me to give you £50.

Anyone able to do this? I’m in London/tower bridge but prepared to travel to you to suit you (central London) to do the exchanges.


Will they not move the stock?

If so there is one in North London.

Shame that I can’t drive :frowning:


Basoland is abit out of my way Colchester branch I can do & I can detour to tower bridge 6:30 ish am if that’s any help

why dont you ask the colindale store to transfer the stock over to their store ? i used to work there and they have asked other stores to send stock over before for customers or buy it off their website and get it delivered to you house as some products do have home delivery.

I might try to get stock transferred. That’s not a bad idea. Previously have been a bit iffy about doing it if its not a home delivery item though.