anyone know where........

i can get one of these, for less money?

i cant use a wall bracket or ceiling hook due to where it is going.

or does anyone know a welder who might knock one up cheaper?

suits yousir

you,ll have more fun going to a boxing club ( sorry if you already do )

i did look it into it, but money and time commitments prevent it.

i phoned my local boxing club and they got quite ****ty and insisted i couldnt go unless i was willing to box. when i said i wanted to go for fitness they basically told me to feck off.

i am in the fortunate position of being able to build a gym in my garden, using an existing building and getting some very good deals on equipment. this is the last thing i need

Have you tried good ol ebay? I don’t think Argos can normally be beaten on price for new items so it might be best to try second hand

cheers shewoolf but yes i have, all the usual places with no luck hence asking on here, and other forums