Anyone know someone to come put a Ground Anchor in a Garage? Maybe 2...

I remember reading on here some bloke would do it, but really just need someone to do a “proper job”

was a guy called ground anchor man or something like that on here… I’ll search for the thread and see if I can find it–Anchor-Man?Keywords=anchor

I ended up not using him because I wanted mine done in Cheltenham…

Cheers serrisan, knew there was someone that did it.

wot ground anchor you got in mind?

its not hard to do and could hire the drill for about £20 a day

Ive used him 3 times Steve , very good !

I’d be too worried that kaos would sue me if the bike still got nicked. some weird friendship legal loophole :smiley:

luckily i have no idea on how to put a ground anchor in :slight_smile:

No you just chain poor Lewis to the blade. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I mentioned that you had raved about him J.C. in the email I sent him.

Sent it last night so hopefully at some point today he will get back to me, just got another garage as I was running out of space, this one will be just for storage of the bikes, so shouldn’t be a problem to put in a ground anchor or two.

Did it myself three weeks ago, cost me £20 in 3 drill bits, my drill over heated, and had to borrow a neighbours and nearly screwed that one as well.
Took about 3 hours in all, probably should of hired a SDS drill (£21 from which would of taken 20 mins so I am told.

Similarly, put one in myself a couple of weeks ago (the Pragmasis Torc one). My hand Makito drill wouldn’t go through concrete though. Thankfully my neighbour is in the building trade and had a SDS drill handy, which made light work of it. TBH once you have a decent drill to take care of holes, it’s really not that hard.

That said, I did come unstuck as the Torc anchor came with resin capsule to bond the bolts to the concrete, except my drive way wasn’t quite thick enough, so the capsules just got pushed down below. :frowning: Got some raw bolts instead which did the trick. If you can use a wrench, you can put these in!

yes get a proper drill for job, lol, i have an electric hds drill but as said if you got no electricity get a cordless 1.

i have fitted hardie ground anchors easily enough and they only require 1 hole drilled, a big hole yes and the drill bit they supply is of no use get a hds drill bit.

I have a Makita heavy duty sds Hammer action 110 volt drill, a variety of sds concrete bits, 5 miles of extension leads and a 110 transfomer should you require.

Good to know mate :wink: