Anyone know of any jobs going?


Anyone know of any jobs that would be suitable for a former traffic cop and crash investigator?

Just been told that I am being made redundant as of Monday.

I will consider anything within reason bearing in mind my knackered ticker.


That’s a shame, you’ve not long been there.
Can’t say I know of anything that would suit you but good luck in finding something.


True. 2 years is not long these days is it?


Ipcc? Game keeper turned poacher :slight_smile:


I think they try and avoid using ex plod because they feel that we would be biased.


Nah mate. Every single IPCC investigator I’ve had contact with (there’s been a few) have been ex plod.

And for the record - I’d agree they were all biased towards the police and imho, complicit in covering up the endemic corruption that permeates the police (Doubt we’ll agree on that mind :slight_smile: )

So I’d defo have a look - especially if you are an honest (as I’m sure you are) ex copper who would be serious about rooting out the many bent ones.


There’s a previous Traffic cop/investigator working as an incident response officer which is basically scene management and liaison with other emergency services during a sig/maj event plus staff welfare during difficult jobs for us and they recently advertised. Any medical skills required (FPOS)would be taught


They use the old boys club


That really sucks TC.
That new company of yours, I must say I wasn’t really impressed as they dismissed any potential claim for my latest accident over the fee to pay to the police to release the report, a merely £90.
I was going to come to the Ace to speak to you in person, but I was too poorly while you had your Friday’s events.
If you need any help with your CV please feel free to ask, I’m quite good at it and I’ve been professionally trained.


Very Left field but you could get yourself a decent camera, microphone and some lights and start a legal Vlog on YouTube. Scotty Kilmer has something similar for car mechanics and he’s doing very well out of it. I sight Scotty Kilmer because he doesn’t fit the typical YouTuber profile i.e. Young ignorant wanker.


He might be a wanker, but I’m guessing he can spell ‘ignorant’ :grin::grin::grin:


Not a bad shout Joby. Or offer your advice services to the bike mags


sorry to hear this TC. cant help but hope something turns up.

A Vlog could be a good idea.


What about motorcycle instruction? Bit of a tangent, but might float your boat.


I instructed RAC/ACU, part 1, CBT, DAS and advanced for nearly 40 years, so been there done that.

I have absolutely no desire to have to answer to the DSA anymore.

I would never teach learners again anyway, and I was one of 3 who wrote and conducted the RoSPA diploma for advanced instructors for 15 years before becoming chief motorcycle examiner (also did my time as an IAM examiner) and I have done contract training overseas.

So, I have done my time, been there, done that :wink:

But in any case, for now because of my medication, I am now retired from riding.

As far as vlogs and the like, I don’t think so, there are too many experts who like with ridig are far more expert in these sorts of matters, and as far as insurance investigators are concerned, the insurers will only recognise their own qualification because they are the only ones who know what they are talking about hence the reason why cases that go to trial often result in the insurance comapnies losing, but they still won’t accept that their own qualification is not worth the paper it is written on.


That’s crap news T.C. I know plenty of IT jobs, nothing in the insurance claims industry. Given your experience and knowledge shouldn’t be to hard to find something, the problem is whether the company will be deserving of you.

Hopefully you’ll find something fitting soon.


Can you not approach your former employer ?
Cannot remember your reasons for changing so i apologise .
This is bit below you but …
they are desperate for the position to be filled i think …or was it pre planned