Anyone know much about employment law

Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows much about employment law or if we have any employment solicitors etc on here…

If so pm me. I’m in great need of some advice! (No I didn’t do anything wrong) but have been completely shafted by the company.

Help would be much appreciated.

Ok before the usual suspects leap into action and start spouting advice, right or wrong, can I just remind everyone and certainly you Daws1989, that all advice given is just that. Advice.

No matter how expert anyone thinks another member is, please remember that law is massive and complex while stories are rarely given in all details.

Any advice given is by non-expert status members, because we haven’t approved anyone as yet to be giving reliable legal guidance.


ET1 them.

I know I know, lol

Just want some opinions/advice
I know nothing is ever “concrete” and this is not a legal advice forum… Etc etc…


employment tribunal form. its a free gov. run scheme to stop firms shafting you. google it mate.

Helpline, independent, etc.

I am a volunteer for the Free Representation Unit.

Which covers social welfare and employment, I volunteer on the employment side of things. You have to be referred to the service, which means you have to go through a law centre or a Citizens Advice to get referred to the Free Representation.

Just mentioning it because it indicates the level of employment law that I do. I prepare and represent people in the Employment Tribunal…not just in theory, I have a hearing coming up on the 2nd of November.

However, Andrew is correct. Any and all advice I give on this website, whether given through PM or email or just through posting comes with the proviso that I am a student still. I may be doing the qualifications, but I do not have the practising certificate required to call yourself a Barrister for the purposes of holding yourself out for legal services.

If I did have that, I probably wouldn’t be giving any advice through this or likely any other website that was not offering me full indemnity as my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

If you need advice on what steps to take next, what options are open to you, what the law says about the particular position you are in, or how you can proceed if you know what you want to do, I can certainly help you out.

Sometimes though it will simply come down to me saying…that is an extremely complex case, I wouldn’t suggest you attempt to do it on your own, you need to go get legal advice from someone who is paid to spend the time on it. I have had to say that only a few times for people from LB, but it does happen.

Feel free to PM me the issues you have and I will certainly have a look to see if I can give you any advice.