Anyone know about washing machines? Beko WM5120W

So, this thing blew a fuse, but nothing appears obvious as to the cause. I need to get my tools to get the motor out and inspect it, but does anyone have good knowledge of how these contraptions function and ways to repair em? The heater element seems a likely fail on this thingy. Any advice welcome

When it did blow the fuse? (switch on/wash cycle/spin cycle)
Does the drum spin freely?

Switch on.
Yes, drum spins ok

How old is it?

Couple of years

So Markie76, any further ideas?

Double post

Some useful advise here, but I think that Insulation test is the first thing they normally do. It’s expensive kit though, so maybe try the multimeter first.

Stuck my MM on it; short to earth on the element. Ordered a new one and fitted it, £21. Jobs a good’un

Nice one! Did you swap all the hoses for Samco ones at the same time? :smiley:

Naturally! :cool: