Anyone know a good MOT garage for the cage in N London

Preferably in the Islington (archway) area but we need to get our cage MOT’d/ serviced. And away from the little chav who keeps smashing our windscreen but that’s another story.

Anyone know a decent MOT centre in the area to sort us out?


I know about a good one, a very reliable and thorough guy, Eagle Speed Garage in Wood Green. Also does MOTs for motorbikes, that’s where I always take my babies. Try them if it’s not too far for ya. If you decide to give it a go let me know and I will give you the add and the fone number if i find it :smiley:

Motor Continental in Crouch End. They keep my aged MX5 on the road

Oakdale Motors 57 Oak Grove NW2 8450 7205

Very car friendly…

Although they do repairs they dont push it, they have lent tools to sort a minor fault that occurred during a test to avoid a fail. Just dont ask me how I know OK?:cool:

I know a man who I have used for more than 12 years he has a garage at home in Enfield and has very good relationship with a nearby MOT station. He will collect your car, service it, get it MOT’d and deliver it back and is very reasonable approx £35 per hour labour. He is over 50 year and a very decent bloke who loves his work. He is also an ex blade owner