anyone in the Bromley / SE London area?

i`m in crystal palace area se19 :wink:

I’ve been doing a lot of riding around there recently Spoony. Some good minor roads to practice on.

Can try and sort a route out for Sunday 15th if there is any interest.

First thing that comes to mind is 8am start; meeting at McDonalds next to Bromley Common Bus Garage on the A21, take an interesting route down to Ogri’s (Wessons Cafe) Cafe - not too long as we want to get breakie right, then a loop around some coast roads, coming up through Kent minor roads back to Bromley. Aim to get back for 1ish

Easy paced around speed limits, road, weather conditions and running a corner man to try and make sure no one gets lost.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile: Not been to Ogri’s in ages. Prefer it to the Oakdene too.

argh sorry but i think thats fathers day and weekend after i’m at Donnington

thats great idea

im in

be coming from mottingham

I’ll be there…

Count me in. Pace will need to be leisurly though, although I don’t mind be left behind in the slow group and catch up for the breaky :wink:

Im in Thamesmead and can often be found lurking around the Kent and surrey roads,also ride a Yamaha XT660X,the BCR boys have not been south of the river as far as i know ?

15th is currently looking good for a ride out, plus I like it down at Ogris.

Although I do have a bit of a reputation for getting lost on the way down there so following someone who knows the way would be a step in the right direction.

Who said anyone knew the way. Getting lost is part of the adventure.

I’ll sort out a route and post a proper thread. Ogri’s opens at 10am on Sunday, and bearing in mind it is fathers day we’ll make sure we’re back in time for Sunday lunch with our respective families and out-laws.

Have I missed something?? who are the BCR boys?

15th is good for me. It’ll be my first proper rideout though, that gonna be a prob? Promise I’m not too much of a muppet… :wink:

Nope, no problem! We’ll make sure someone sits at the back so no one gets left behind :slight_smile:

Yep! im in croydon, spend most weekends round surrey, kent and sussex. happy to meet up with you guys.

Busa_55 (29/05/2008)

Have I missed something?? who are the BCR boys?[/quote

Breakfast club run , also a good day out .:w00t:

Ahh shame!.. Sorry I can’t join you, doing Tai Chi Sunday mornings. Maybe Saturday next time?

Far to early a start, I will get a full day run going soon:)