anyone in the Bromley / SE London area?

I’m getting fed up with riding alone, so if anyone fancies a ride through the Kent countryside contact me. I work from home so usually go out around lunchtime for a couple of hours.

I live just up the road but work in london, so lunch time maybe an issue

I’m in Woolwich and have the week off. As long as its not ******* down, let me know.

The weather is looking ok tomorrow so I’ll be heading out for a ride at midday for a couple of hours. May head out down the a21 then through Cudham, Toys Hill towards Hever Castle, stop for a tea break and then get lost on the way back. If you fancy coming along we could meet along the a21 somewhere - the Rose and Crown at Green Street Green would be a good meeting place.

I can also do weekend rides, the weather isn’t looking great this weeknd and I have some decorating to do but could do any weekends after that.

I’m in Beckenham, which is just down the roads. Weekend rides only tho! What do you ride?

I’m in Beckenham as well…ride a V-Strom 1000. What do you ride?

I’m in Lewisham and would certainly be up for it if you don’t mind riding with a less experienced rider.
Evenings and weekends only for me though.
I ride a Yamaha XT660X

Yeah OK, sounds good. Don’t know the a21 though - so not sure about finding the rose and crown. I’m looking on google earth and there looks to be something like a pub with parking on the roundabout joining old hill and farnborough way (on the a21)… how about meeting there at 12?

Weekend only for me as I unfortunatly do not “work” from home.

Bexleyheath, so not too far from Bromley.

A ZX6 or a CBF600, depends. Sounds like we’ve got a posse down this way! There’s loadsa good roads round Biggin Hill and onwards (especially toward Hever Castle, but gotta mind those pesky humped back bridges!), so I’m defo up for a weekend ride (but not the next two weekends just to be a bit more picky :P)

Maybe there should be a BCR South on Saturdays and BCR North on Sundays :smiley:

I think that is the Rose and Crown…I’ll be there at 12…

lol - ok, see you at 12

Its not letting me quote Driesie for some reason but ditto this:

“I’m in Lewisham and would certainly be up for it if you don’t mind riding with a less experienced rider.
Evenings and weekends only for me though.
I ride a Yamaha XT660X”

Apart from- I’m in Croydon and I ride a Yamaha MT-03

I live near Biggin Hill, but the only riding I do during the week it to and from work. So weekend for the fun rides.

Like the sound of a southern BCR, some fantastic roads around Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex.

I’m Dartford way:)

I can feel a Kent ride out needing to be arranged;) who would be up for it?

Me, as long as it’s not on either of the next two weekends :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: A fairly regular BCR sounds like a good idea, actually. There are loads of places in Kent and Sussex.

I’m in Honor Oak (SE23)

I’m in Hackney but have been meaning to get out and explore SE for a while… I’ve heard good things, also fed up of riding on me todd.

I’m on a Fazer, and have next week off work so would be keen to get out then / this Sunday?

i’m in South Bermondsey and go down to Kent (Hildenborough (near Hever) & Ticehurst areas) to see my family quite a bit, so the A21 is well warn by yours truly :slight_smile:

would be up for the odd breakfast run on sundays, can’t do full days usually as its not fair on the missus (i’m not up to taking pillion yet)

only been riding for a few months (CBR600F) so BCR 'oop north sounds a bit hectic for my skills at the mo :wink:

don’t know if many are into this, but i love getting up at stoopid hours in the early morning, get out of london easily, blat about for a hour or so, eat a good breakie, blat about a bit more, swear at a few cages as they start to go to boot fairs and head back to town via M25 & A2/A20 ready for early afternoon…or i meet up with the missus at bluewater to spend money i don’t have :smiley: