Anyone here into cooking?

I just whipped myself up a classy little steak sandwich with a sour cream, spring onion, mushroom garlic red wine sauce, all done up in two lightly toasted wraps to protect from all the tasty juices…the steaks were seared to a crispy brown finish on the outside, but bloody and raw in the middle…

Hope I’m making anyone at work hungry… Damm it was good and there’s two more steaks sat on the side waiting for my culinary genius to transform them from meat into food fit for kings!

Round Two!

What about a pheasant tureen?

That gives me an idea… what about an LB cook off?

Mate I was thinkin of the same thing.
We/'d have to work out how to do this, or if we wait for a big meet, but that would then mean barbecue cooking probably which wouldn’t be quite the same, but good anyway…

I’m up for this definitely. I’ll work something out…

Wheres my keys…Im on my way!

For the sarny of the tureen?

The secret of a great steak sandwich is the steak

I only ever buy meat from a farm shop just outside St Albans that stock their own livestock.

They do an amazing rib of beef, hung for 28 days but in a sack not plastic

Hung meat is the way forward but only if it is hung in a sack that allows the juices to flow away from the meat.

You will be able to tell the difference immediately

And yes i am now chuffing hungry

can’t compete with a pheasant tureen…tell me you didn’t bag them yerself with your faithful gundog to pick 'em up for ya!

Clay pheasants?

Watch your teeth eh,

I’m sure I told you the story about the salmon with the lead shot in it? Brilliant

Perhaps we need to have a series of LB dinner parties for this contest. Kinda like master chef?

Good man!

Fight the Tesco’s/Sainbury’s numpties!
So what if it takes a bit more effort…whose rushin?

When it comes to grub, I’m definitely FRENCH at heart and I don’t care how many sun readers and British Patriots I offend. English food is pretty low on the scale of things…the 70’s and 80’s almost destroyed any heritage we had. But boy are we learning quick…proper farm food is THE WAY ahead! Its so tasty compared to water pumped chicken tits ina box of 6 from Waitrose! Bleuch!

Mo…you and me get to judge eh…
I had shot in the rabbits we got from CHepstow market the other week, but the bloke sellin em had very kindly printed up stickers saying, “Rabbits, £4 for two…Beware, I shot em, so they got shot in em! Mind yer teeth!”

Brilliant! Tasty too…the rabbits…not the shot

The steak sarnie of course, not keen on pheasant, esp after seeing how long you have to leave it hanging!

Where are you right now then…London wise?

I’m definately in - I consider myself to be an okay cook… secret of course is always the ingredients - down with the supermarkets - up with the farms from home.

Second secret is simplicity, and finally family secrets… you’d be amazed at some of the things I cook up :slight_smile:

Could definatley do something over the summer - outside cooking doesn’t have to be a BBQ - I can cook up a right decent meal camping.


Which one do you use - we use Hedges Farm on the A414

Yep Hedges it is and the pork, beef and lamb are great but they buy in the chicken and i don’t like that very much

Also my little lad loves seeing all teh animals so it is a good morning out

You should try their bacon, honestly you would never buy from waitrose again

Yep the bacon is wicked - stays the same shape and size when cooked no gunk oozes out either

Never buy meat from anywhere else

Ahhh that’s the place you were telling me about on Wednesday? Going to have to get my ass over there on the weekend.