anyone heard

hi anyone heard of or use elite insurance?.
they seem pretty good with the prices…london based i guess.

got a 38 year old neighbour friend of mine, 3 years NCB, just bought & riding a gixxer 1000 K1, for only £169 fully comprehensive…
…thought it would be more.

not bad.


Almost sounds like he bought the bike for £169!!!

I’ve heard of them - may have even been quoted! - but like most things, you’ll find out how good they are when you need them.

Lets hope you/he never does.

:smiley: i agree there, you’ll only know how good they are when things go bad.

by the way, with all these companies, which insurer do the majority of LB use or are we really divided when it comes to all that?.

i use H&R!.

thanks again.


I think im with Equity Star - but i cant be sure as I dont have the docs here at work.I’ve also been with Carole Nash and bennetts in the past.

I think I’ve been with Elite at one time or another. But they are just brokers, not the bottom line insurers.

Like the mans said, it’s when you claim that you find out how good they are.

Bennets were O.K. but why did they need a “Claims Assessor” and a “Personal telephone interview” (A.K.A. Voice print pscho ********) for a simple theft claim a couple of years back? Or was that the bottom line insurers, Equity Red Star, that wanted that?

You pays your money, you find out later.


I’m with Bennetts now - they quoted me the cheapest and also almost 400 big ones cheaper than I paid fully comp last year !!

I did have my 35th birthday this year (I know I only look 25 - don’t be so shocked peeps !!) and I’m sure someone has mentioned before that’s when they think you get all sensible.