Anyone heading to Isle Man this year

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to stay in a house overlooking the race for the bank holiday weekend and am heading up with my bike.

Unfortunately won’t see much as it starts Saturday with practice, then Sunday is a day off! Still, something is better than nothing.

Anyone going? Also anyone have any idea about whether you can ride the track on the weekends? I gather you can, the roads will all be one way and during the day are free to use, but may as well check.



The roads are normal use when racing/practice not on (and some time before/after). That means obey speed limits… Or the police will be happy to oblige.

Only the mountain part of course is turned into one way. And bear in mind, there are a lot of fast cars as well as bikes!

Ah cool. So I can spend an hour on Sunday taking a ride around the course then.

No way I would be speeding, I love to watch it, I enjoy my track days, but the Conor Cummings crash alone puts me off messing around at any speed on that course.

Oh the mountain bit of the course doesnt have a speed limit when it’s one way.

Once you’ve done the circuit, get off it and explore some of the other excellent roads out there.

Just be mindful of the sheep… they’re not too many but some of the back roads they can venture onto the road.

Oh a fun game is to try and spot bits of me_groovy’s old Kawasaki engine… There’s still some of it left on the island! :rofl:

Or the vfr 750 battery I abandoned.

Didn’t leave any actual pieces of the Tuono there though so that’s an improvement.

I’m off there this year, working, not that im complaining :innocent:

I’m there from the Friday 31st to Monday evening. Flying up this year as really wanted to see some racing but couldn’t miss to much work.