Anyone have a small flywheel puller

I need to remove the flywheel from my DRZ-400 engine, but am loath to buy one considering I’ll hopefully only need it this one time. Does anyone have one I could borrow for an evening? A friend lent me this big three-pronged puller, but it doesn’t fit, the claws are too thick to fit underneath the flywheel.

I have a couple of small flywheel pullers that work by screwing into the centre. One of them might work. I’ll dig them out and bring them along to Cubana on Wednesday.


Brilliant, thanks Duncan!

Ah, sadly Duncan, the puller doesn’t fit/work. I tried improvising by using the existing crankshaft nut to sit inside the puller and bind the two together to get purchase on the crankshaft/flywheel, but nothing would hold. Thanks anyhow!

Here’s how the flywheel looks:



Looks like there’s a specific puller that screws onto the outside thread of the flywheel, just inboard of the part that is shaped like a large nut. Unless someone here has such a thing I fear you might have to go for the £20 job on Ebay, although I would check with a Suzuki dealer first, as some of their special tools are reasonably cheap.


Jay, Thumpertalk do a big selection around the $15 mark so there must be some over here (unless you can wait 4 or so days for one from the States)

Cheers! Will look soon. I’ve waited a year, another few days doesn’t hurt.

Hi Jay, I have a couple of different pullers, might be too chunky but your welcome to come and have a look. Don’t have regular access to the net, might be easier to call me on 07958248745. Chris.

:blinkh, forgot to say i’m in Woodgreen N22.

hello jay

i may have a puller if you still need one. but i think there are 3 different one’s for that engine.

Hey juggernaut, yes, I do need one, thanks for offering! Where are you?

i work in chiswick. you can call me on 07973472170

and the name is adam .