Anyone got TCX X-Desert boots? Recommendations for adventure style boots

Anyone got these TCX X-Desert boots? After swimming home on the bike, my trusty RST Tractech boots have finally given up the ghost and are leaking. I fancy something a bit more rugged in the adventure/mx style but my MX boots are so stiff and heavy (and not waterproof) they aren’t ideal.

Any more recommendations for “adventure” style boots for everyday use? I’ve got quite wide feet and have been told Sidi will be no good (yes, I know I need to go try a load on).

I’ve got the heine Gericke version of these.
100% waterproof but not as good protection as my Sidi B2 gortex boots, which are also 100% waterproof for the first 6/7 years :slight_smile:

I was looking at the sidi / tcx adventure boots myself.

Got almost the same TCX boots but they don’t say desert on them. Completely waterproof, very comfy, rugged soles. They came from Motorlegends, went there and tried them on.

I have some almost identicle TCX GTX boots that have been used almost every day for commuting and more. They are about to head into their third winter. I would not hesitate to buy the same should they start to leak. They were about £180 in Get Geared Leatherhead.

I have Sidi Crossfires. I have wide feet. They are generous. There is a good reason that MX boots aren’t waterproof. I’ve borrowed the Sidi Adventures and found them too narrow in the same size, and of lesser build quality.

I’ve got a pair of these:

Use them for everything including greenlaning. They aren’t as protective as MX boots, but still very good, and super comfy - you can walk around in them easy enough. Fully waterproof too.

I use TCX Infinity for serious touring and rough weather 100% waterproof ok on a touring bike to bulky for a sports bike.

On my TCX Infinity’s they have the same elastic banding at the top, as shown in your link. Just a heads up, if it rubs on your leg and wears a bit of skin, it’ll only last a few days. After that they are extremely comfortable. The boots you linked to look very similar to the Infinity, with a few extra “Adventure” additions to the heel and shin.

Thanks for the recommendations, good to see the love for TCX.

Ooo just seen the Alpinestars Toucan boots, looks like the toe box might be smaller (easier gear changes), they are for wide feet and the soles are welted. More dollars though.

And Gaerne does several models but looks like UK dealers are lacking.

Martin, the Crossfires are a full on MX boot? And expensive, although lots of positive reviews.

Decisions decisions!

My TCX are Infinity’s. TCX boots are wide fit which is one reason they are so comfortable. Only had minoir irritation on the leg when they were v new so would not overstate that.

I’ve got the Desert Xs. I bought a pair last summer and found that they leaked, I finally got around to returning them a few weeks back and these new ones are actually waterproof. No real complaints, all-day comfortable and waterproof.

They do seem to wear quicker than my old infinities, but that might just be my using them more.

Crossfires are a proper MX boot but with a hinge so you can walk normally in them. They’re solid, they must have around 100k+ miles on them, I’ve hiked and walked in them, they leak now but were never waterproof (as a waterproof boot keeps flooded water in it offroad… take sealskins on tour). Worth the money.

Brief update, I went with the Alpinestars Toucan boots in the end. More supportive than a road boot, less cumbersome than an MX boot, adventure styling and Goretex. Ordered 26th August from an online Italian shop, bought blind with regards to fit and size. Arrived today, fit and quality seem spot on. Yet to use them on the bike, but happy so far.

^^^ I like the look of those! Let us know how you get on with them. Might get a pair when the current ones die.