Anyone got an old Arai visor

Does anyone have an old Arai visor?

Last night the little nugget bit fell off my clear visor and now the visor doesn’t lock down…

I was hoping somebody might have an old/damaged visor that I could pinch the bit off and replace onto mine? Visors are £50 new… 1/4 of the price of the helmet!?!

Will happily pay postage / donate to charity / give you money for the little bit that screws on to the bottom of the visor.

Hopefully the pictures point out the bit I mean!


i may be able to help, i’ll look at home tonight.

in the mean time, the nice people from any Arai retailer should be able to help you with a free one. it shouldnt have come off in the first place :slight_smile:

^^exactly right. ask an arai dealer.

Cheers SilveR6 :slight_smile:

Will call Infinity now :slight_smile:

Thanks to the both of you - I got in touch with the local Arai dealer and they have found me a spare!