Anyone got a set of rear pads for a suzuki bandit (or most other suzukis)


Loking to replace the rear pads on my bike and was wondering is anyone had a spare set that they don’t need or want rid of.


did you get a set sorted?

If they did and you’re giving them away, my SV needs some …?

lol can get a set in cheaper then retail, so i thought id ask :smiley:

So how much is that you are offering them for?:slight_smile:

£8.50 for armstrong. but if ya want ebc ill get you a price tomorrow :wink:


Went for the £10 Hien Gerricke ones in the end. Thank you.

Well they don’t do them any more so the choice was ebc or nothing at 15.


next time ya need some, let me know in advance and i should b a few quid cheaper then that. :stuck_out_tongue: