Anyone got a Harley?

as title people, just wondering if anyone has 1 thats not far from em etc, se16?

Am looking into getting 1 so wanna weigh up me options see wot i like etc.

Cheers, John

Yep, got one but a bit far for you to try it on for size…

Although if you wanna come to Madrid just to sit on a “Night Train” come on …

Nah, come and ride to Barcelona! :wink:

I haven’t got a Hardly for you though.

Why not go to WWW.WARRS.COM they are at either SE9 4QW or on the Kings Rd SW6 2EL

i know that and will be visiting at some point, but doubt if will buy from there or any Harley dealer, will but private, at least a grand cheaper.

i may visit after i get it, lol.

I have a V-Rod, the one thats engine was developed by Porsche & the first Harley with overhead cams, fuel injection & liquid cooling…
old school Harley riders say its not a real Harley because it’s too far removed from the traditional ones being too much like a Jap bike…
Jap bike owners don’t like it because its a Harley lol

to me a harley is a harley.

i am thinking sportster, not because its the cheapest cos i will be able to buy any1 i like but cos i prefer it anyway obviusly a 1200, i do like the dyna’s but i haver paid over 2g for a bike so still cant find myself handing over that sort of wonga for 1, lol.

dont some of the harley lot turn their nose up at the sportsters too? maybe the sportster and v-rod lot should join forces, :slight_smile:

You would totally suit a Harley :slight_smile:

alternatively ‘Anyone got a midlife crisis?’

why is it a midlife crisis?

its basically a case of i can prob buy any bike i want now and having a bike since was 18, now 41 just now i can afford wotever i want where b4 i could only dream etc.

41…Mate your in your in your prime…Harleys are nice bikes go for it you only live once.

Got a Fatboy Special, lovely bike, doesn’t go round corners too well. Still great fun just cruising along, and it gets a lot of attention. People love the sound of a Harley it seems!

Got a GSXR 750 for the Sunday blat and track days, but the Harley just seems to have so much more character than the Jap bikes.

I sort of know where your coming from, i got rid of my b12 cos it fealt boring got a speed triple and just that little rumble from 3 cyllinders does the trick, lol.

i will have the harley and a second bike to use for work etc, might keep the speed triple but if a bonnie comes up cheap enough might go for that.

i like all bikes but with harley’s will have to be a sportster or a dyna for me.

I’ve never owned one, but I’ve ridden a few (sportster and fatboy) and loved them! :slight_smile:

I’ve always said that I would eventually buy a harley, just to go cruising around the country etc… However, that country would have to be america or Canada if I end up moving over that way eventually. Harley’s are not built for this country, espcially during winter. Avoid the Harley’s that are full of chrome or you’ll be cleaning them forever! :wink:

Another final thing I noticed on some of the newer models is that the build quality is not up to the price tag! The fuel cap n the new fatboy is unbelievably bad quality! It doesn’t even sit properly within the fuel tank! :satisfied:

By all means, chase the dream! Just make sure you thoroughly inspect before you buy! :wink:

Someone at work has a crossbones. I’ve never been a big fan of Harleys but that is one nice looking bike……/Harley-Davidson-Cross-Bones-review.html

you must know me so well!

I had a heritage classic it was a great bike get one you will not regret it harley are great bikes

Sorry not a Harley fan, but others have said the Sporster is the girls Harley.

Once you buy one don’t forget your :

Harley jacket
" jeans
" T shirt
" socks
" gloves
" bag