Anyone got a CBF1000?

If so…what’s it like?

If not…what have you heard about it?

Seems to be a very good deal on new ones at the mo. A mate of mine had a CBF600 for a while and said it was fab.

Honda are also doing some test ride deal thingy. Give them a call and take one out

Two Wheels Only have been riding one as a long-termer and rate it very highly

I have the CBF600 - which is an amazing bike - the frame etc is exactly the same as the 1000 it’s just the lump that’s different - as soon as I can afford it I’ll be trading up.

Stunning bike.


All the mags rate it quite highly, over and above the new fazer, which on paper should beat it hands down looking at power etc, but apparently it doesn’t… The CBF600 is a similar story, on paper sounds like it should be pants, a re(de)tuned hornet in essence; but the way it’s tuned gives it such great rideability in town especially and it’s still got enough legs for faster runs too, handling is fantastically forgiving on the CBF600 too - as they are the same frame & geometry I would assume the thou is as just as good - very neutral, confidence inspiring and all round very “Honda”

I assume by your sig picture that you’ve got one then Scarer, if so wadda ya reckon?

Yeah, gone an’ got one!

Great bike, so smooth and easy to ride. Suits me just fine for my 120 miles a day commute. I’ve just run it in so when I get chance I will start to really loosen the engine up!! Just gets better apparently. Soooo comfy! Loveit.

i’ve had a CBF600 (with ABS) as a loaner and TBH it’s a well put together bike, but I wouldnt call it fun… Sensible: Yes, Dull: Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

I would just like to apologise for the post ^^^^^^, I was a wee bit drunk and was a little harsh

Tug’s got one of these and he fookin loves it

beats them old fireblades hands down and no coment