Anyone good with excel? need help with something


is anyone good with excel ? I am trying to create multiple sheets off of one sheet of information.

For example I have one sheet with several rows of information, I was trying to do a Macro that would take the information (not all of it) from each row and create a new sheet with the information going into specific fields.

So 10 rows would cresate 10 sheets !

Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this ?

Right now I have to do it manually and it is time consuming and also open to transcribe errors.

Probably not the answer you are looking for - and there probably is a way to do what you want to do … but I would right click on the sheet at the bottom … “Move or Copy” … tick “create a copy” … 10 times … then in sheet 1 - delete rows 2-10 … sheet 2 - delete row 1 and rows 3-10 etc etc … Gets rid of the transcription error if nothing else and shouldn’t take too long (and certainly not as long as you will spend fking about trying to figure out how to do it).

thanks but its not a straight tanscription. Only some fields are getting copied and these need to go into the new sheet in a different order.

Select the row(highlight it - left hand side), Top menu INSERT then scroll down to Rows. Not to sure if thats the thing you wanted to do!!

This is how I would do it: Record a macro, for one row creating a new sheet and copying the cells from where you want them to where you want them; select the next row. Look up the function to test for a blank cell and then do a loop round the above. The recorded macro will give you 90% of the code you need.