anyone get stuck near green lanes earlier today?

i respect our boys in blue and get on well with our local lot but today was OVERKILL, small incident outside our shop and 15 mins later, part of street closed including pavement and atleast 5 patrol cars, 2 meat wagons and 1 bike cop. few of them seemed to have forgotten their manners aswell :rolleyes:

I was down on the corner of essex road and cannonbury road at about 7pm and the police had it all blocked off, buses were on diversion to highbury and islington down upper street…

on the way back from the cinema at about 11pm the bus stopped on the corner of essex road and canonbury road as the police were leaving the scene and a bike was being towed away on the back of a lorry. :frowning:

The bus driver said there had been a fatal road traffic accident, I just hope he was wrong and the rider was ok, I didnt get a good view of the bike as it was being towed away.