Anyone fancy riding this?

Adrenalin-junkie Nick Argyle has built Britain’s most powerful motorcycle - a 220mph rocket powered by an 8.2 litre TRUCK engine.
The road-legal ‘Rapom V8’ packs over 1,200bhp - more than the world’s most powerful production road car, the £850,000 Bugatti Veyron.
It can run on pure alcohol and does 0-60mph in TWO SECONDS but returns a paltry 4mpg.
Electrician Nick spent three years and £40,000 building the half-tonne supercharged beast in his garage in Broadway, Glos.
Ex-monster truck racer Nick, 44, took on the project after moving to a smaller house which left him no room to build the giant 4x4s.
So barmy Nick used a spare V8 engine from truck racing to custom build a motorbike that could fit in his modest garage workshop.
Just the gearbox for the 8ft long x 4.5ft wide bike took nearly a year to perfect and cost over £6,500.
The married dad-of-two has already ridden the behemoth on the road. And with the same horsepower as 10 Yamaha R6s, he says he can’t wait to hit the drag strip and unleash its full potential.
Nick said: ''There’s not going to be much that’ll touch it in a straight line. It’s been a labour of love, some people go for a drink to relax - I go to into the garage.
''I’ll sell it eventually and use the cash to build something else. I fancy building a jet engine motorbike - it’s been done before, but mine would be a bit different.
''The idea was a marriage of convenience and naivety.
''I’d moved from a larger workshop to the house with a garage in Broadway and didn’t have room to build more cars and trucks.
''My wife said I wasn’t to buy any more engines and told me to use one I already had - which was a monster truck engine.
‘‘Despite its size, I thought why not?’’
Nick is set to test the bike at the Shakespeare Runway in Stratford in February.
He said: ‘‘Who knows what it will do? I’ve never had anything that powerful under me before.’’
Nick had help from a series of businesses: Intergalactic, Omex Ignitions, Ice Racing and Billet Brakes. Engineer Mike Polygon and friend Paul Johnson have also helped.


Now could it be used to commute into town and left in a bike parking bay.

Okay so apart from the cans the whole bike is pointless and looks stupid but…

…“It’s been a labour of love, some people go for a drink to relax” so why not you could spend your doe on worse things.