Anyone exported a bike from UK to the EU???

Specifically France and Belgium?

Mate of mine will be living / working in Northern France and Belgium ( and travelling between the two ) for the next three years or so…

He wants to re-register it in the EU so he can get insurance on it.

He has a Triumph Scrambler that he has customised just the way he wants it ( and spent a fortune) and wants to take it with him as a weekend toy , maybe occasional commuter.

Anyone any experience? Straightforward? Hassle?

He will be planning to bring it back to UK in 3 years time…

I’ve just done that in France with a Yamaha Tenere, if your friend speaks good French and understands that it will not be instant they will be fine!

You need a certificate of conformity, available from Triumph. A control technique (MOT) isn’t currently needed for bikes but might be soon.

Ahh thanks CGB!