Anyone else own Reptiles?

Just seeing if anyone else owns reptiles?

I have a Veiled Chamaleon, Blue Tounge Skink, Crestie Gecko and x2 Leopard Geckos :smiley: A Picture of the grumpy chameleon is below

I don’t own any (I’m not fit to be the primary caregiver for any living thing), but LOVE THOSE LITTLE CHAMELEON DUDES.

You say it’s grumpy, always imagined them to have quirky personalities. Is it always grumpy or does it get happy sometimes?

Yeah the chameleon is one of my favourites, he’s a right grumpy sod… but he’s like one of those loveable grumps!.. He tries to head butt anyone that comes into his viv to feed him! It’s just a good job that giant Dorito on top of his head isnt sharp!.. He only really seems to like me, he sometimes comes out of his cage and sits on my head… although one time I had him on my head I walked under the ceiling light… which he then decided to grab hold of and climb all the way up!,ha.

How big do they get ? Are they hard to keep do you have to have climate control cages ? I think they are adorable !

+1 Also, how big is he?

I let one crawl all over me at a Secret Cinema last year. Their little hands felt like a baby’s grip on my finger. Seriously considered getting one, but they’re bit too high maintenance for me.

My son has a corn snake. I seem to be the primary carer these days. It’s caramel in colour about 5 foot now, it must be 3 years old and its feeding time today. 1 small rat should keep Sally Snake happy for 7 to 10 days


The Veiled Chameleon is the biggest of the chameleon species, the males get upto about 24inchs (60cm). Yeah I have mine in a mesh 4.5ft high cage… they need lots of fresh air but also humidity and warmth… which makes them tricky to look after, I have a fully automated system taking care of him. The Veiled’s though are also the most hardly out of the chameleon species and can tollorate environment chances alot more so they are ideal for a first time chameleon keepers to get. I am now looking at getting another chameleon… a Panthar Chameleon from Madagascar… as below :smiley:

What a fantastic photo

He’s about half his full size at the moment, around 17cm big… now that he’s grown up enough il soon be taking him outside where I can put him on a small tree. He’ll probably head butt all the pigeons out of it aswell! :smiley:

Yeah they are so cute, I got him when he was 10 weeks old… no bigger than my little finger at the time (Hmmm Man up Matt!!). They do require maintenance but if you have all the right things then it’s no hassle… I like going out on a week night, at the weekends etc… so have an automated system for him… it does everything except feed him, which I do once every couple of days.

i used to keep snake’s

i had a royal python that grew to 6ft+ and also an albino cali king snake that was around 4.5ft in length.

i loved my snakes, i was at school when i kept them, i took my python in to school once in a pilliowcase to do a talk on snakes, i was only 12!:smiley:

love snakes, handled some fair size Boa’s before, never gone near any venomous, constrictors only!

Thought this was an advert - there are plenty of reptiles on here who need a good home:D

I got a royal python had her for about 17 years she doesn’t have a name and she doesn’t do much…

Back in the 90’s i had a bosc monitor lizard called smiley, used to take him for walks on a lead…did’nt half get some odd looks as he was over 4 foot long!:w00t:

Unfortunatley i had to get rid of him for various reasons but always wanted a tegu monitor:cool:

I find snakes fascinating:hehe:

Me too, I was gonna start packing my things!:angry:

Nothing scaley or slimey in my house :stuck_out_tongue: but this is Hissy, a 2 year old African pygmy hedgehog…

That little hedgehog is gorgeous - does she act like a pet?

I got a gargoyle gek called Colin, and 2 leopards Spike and Talulah. Had to scale down my creatures when I got married (excuse the pun).:smiley:

Yes he’s very sociable, & loves being handled if he’s in the right mood,
he even falls asleep on your lap while being stroked, just like a spiky kitten really :slight_smile:

I have an 8ft black pilot snake, a false water cobra, two bearded dragons, a tokay, a giant day gecko, a chile rose tarantula, a tailless whip scorpion, a giant Arizona desert hairy scorpion, an African mantis and probably some I’ve forgotten about…

I used to have an Anaconda. But we had to rehome him. He was beautiful he was :cool:He just so to BIG…Man he was long.Like a hose pipe. We had to reel the ****** up to put him in his tank

His head would be in the front room and his tail down the end of the garden. And he ate my neighbours cat aswell,which didn’t go down to well.Fur everywhere plus it took him ages to swallow old moggy

Great pet though used to scare the fook out of everyone he did…